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Senior management of NPF(SS) has a vast range of operational and administrative experience in Police, Military and Government departments which contributes immeasurably to the effectiveness of NPF(SS) operations.

Highly experienced and trained ex-armed forces and police personnel are selected to provide reliable and effective security service to our valued clients.

We are a sister organisation of police department and maintain close liaison with local police in all provinces. We are therefore, in a unique position to offer prompt and immediate help and police assistance if required by our clients.

In an industry where hundreds of security companies are providing private security services, reliability and effectiveness of potential suppliers and the quality of services provided differences between client satisfaction and discontentment. Because we understand client needs and concerns in this era of evolving risks to business and personnel, we want to get it right all the time. That is why we invest in providing the best service possible to individuals and companies that choose us.

National Police Foundation Security Services was established by Pakistan Police Department in 1990. It is a subsidiary of National Police Foundation, which is headed by an Inspector General of Police. Its purpose is to provide reliable and dependable security services to commercial organisations, business enterprises, corporations and private firms etc.

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