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By hiring the services of NPF (SS), your organisation will be advantaged in a number of ways:

By acquiring our services you can truly enjoy two-in-one advantage, in a way that the work force of our organisation i.e. "The security guards" are almost all retired personnel from Army and other law enforcement agencies and on the other hand, being a sister organisation of Police Department, we have a close liaison with local police of all provinces, which adds to our effectiveness. In the field of Security Services NPF is the only organisation, which has got Government support.
NPF (SS) will provide the replacement of security guard proceeding on leave ( free of cost ).
In case of dissatisfaction with the services of any security guard, NPF (SS) will provide proper replacement with immediate effect.
Our senior security supervisors will conduct random supervision checks to ensure consistency in service.
NPF (SS) will keep your organisation indemnified upto Rs. one million against any loss occurred due to fraud or dishonesty of security guards.

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